Women Empowerment and Students’ Reinforcement Gala Dinner - July 14, 2023

VVIP Women in Power organized a Gala Dinner at Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh on July 14, 2023, in support of its project on “Women Empowerment and Student reinforcement”, in cooperation with several institutions.

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The head of the Syndicate of Workers in Audiovisual Media, Rindala Jabbour, opened the ceremony with a distinguished speech. Then the founder and president of the VVIP Women In Power Association, Mrs. Carole Hobeika, followed up with a presentation on the basic values of the association, its mission, activities, projects and initiatives. She also talked about her cooperation with an educational center “Bilma.K Learning Center” distinguished by its success in reinforcing school students, and a report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lCk0X6FqM0 was presented where this center was a beacon of hope for countless students who failed, and were weak in all subjects, as it provided academic assistance from the first grade until the baccalaureate class, which ensured that students obtain the necessary resources and guidance to excel in their studies and successfully complete their educational agendas and prepare themselves for exams.
The ceremony was not only an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the association, but also a testament to the power of teamwork.
The international consultant and trainer in the development and improvement of human and institutional capabilities from the SMART Center, Mrs. Randa Yassir, who provided an overview of her projects and her mission at the center, also introduced us to her work team and indicated her cooperation with VVIP Women In Power with the initiative to empower women to develop their capabilities and build confidence and show the importance of women physical and spiritual health.
In conclusion, Mrs. Hobeika wanted to combine her love for music and her hobby for singing, to serve the community and support her program, so she sang several songs for the cause, including her songs ‘Ya Hal Rih’ https://youtu.be/HtERRm6VOn4?feature=shared – ‘Mesh Sodfi’https://youtu.be/HtERRm6VOn4?feature=shared and her new Dalida Medley. Then after, the artist singer Wissam El Hajj and his band revived the night with his distinctive voice and songs.
Finally, Mrs. Hobeika presented numerous and valuable prizes by the donors through drawing lots, and thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this ceremony, which was a true testament to the positive change that can be achieved when individuals and companies come together with a common vision and passion to make a difference in creating better societies and a prosperous future.
Gifts offered by: Before & After, Eagle Nest, Femme Distinguee, Thai Island, EMS Revolution, Aphrodiet by Maryline Aoun, Beit Mrad, Tazkara Travel Agency, Estelle Filfil Azoury dietician
Zawaya Media press release: https://zawayamedia.com/single/24270/

The truth about smoking – October 22, 2022

A seminar was conducted to VVIP Women In Power members “The Truth about smoking” in VVIP Women In Power Training Center by Dr. Jocelyne Sassine, Physician – Pneumologue on October 22, 2022. All attendees benefit from the information and raised questions about some details regarding smoking.

Outdoor gathering in Zaarour Club – August 20, 2022

VVIP Women in Power organized on August 20, 2022 an outdoor gathering in Zaarour Club, where all women shared the activities at the Lake, canoeing, pedaling, biking, walking, and relaxing in the great place. Then an interaction seminar occurred in La Cabana’Z about “The way to happiness” conducted by Ms. Reine Raii, Clinical psychologist psychotherapist. All attendees enjoyed the live music play and singing performance by the President who initiated a project for teaching and reinforcing students, so she sings for a cause. The beauty of the sunset was speechless.

Snowshoeing in Bakich on April 2, 2022

VVIP Women In Power organized an outdoor activity “Snowshoeing in Bakich” on April 2, 2022 with our guide Mireille Tebchrani LMT.
All women enjoyed the hiking with the rackets on snow on the top of mountains, explored the amazing place, connected with other women, learnt from the experience, enjoyed the sunshine, snow, place, and day

Women achievement in Health, Technology, and Development – Lunch gathering, on March 26, 2022

VVIP Women In Power organized a lunch gathering on the occasion of Women & Mother’s Days on March 26, 2022 at Walima Restaurant in Zouk Mikael. Where around 55 professional women from different fields and organization attended, and learnt from our great speakers Rindala Jabbour – President of the audio-visual syndicate in Lebanon, Jocelyne Sassine – Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases, sleep disorders, Darine Saleh – Digital communication and Production, Afaf Mikhael Mikhael – CEO of Rawad, delivering information regarding Women in Health, Women in Technology, Women in Development and got some updates about VVIP Women In Power as per a set program.

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The event started on the Lebanese Women Anthem written by Carmen Zogheib, President of BPW, and recorded by the voice of Claudia.
All enjoyed the gathering, lunch, topics, music 3oud entertainments by Wissam El Hajj. The President, Carole Hobeika performed and sang Arabic oldies songs in addition to her song “Ya Hal Rih”https://youtu.be/1XKmAOdAzt8?feature=shared She sings for a cause to fundraise VVIP Women In Power Education Project.
A raffle was held at the end, VVIP Women In Power thank all the people who offered the women precious gifts: Dr. Antoine Jacklis, Ikram Al Fares, Walima Restaurant, Boutique Lady Joya by Rita Baradhi , EYE.C by Claire Saad, Institut Maria by Darine Maalouf Chawa, Decathlon Club by Nina Sfeir, Orchid Spa by Carla Saliba, and Guide Mireille Tebchrani.
Thanking every person who participated in the success of the Event, not to forget Mrs. Suzane Abou Said from Jinha Agency who reported the event and post it.

Hiking and Gathering in Baskinta, on October 24, 2021

VVIP Women In Power organized on October 24, 2021 a Hiking and Gathering in Baskinta, Where women explored the beauty of the nature and had adventurous time. We walked 8Kms in 3 hours, and we enjoyed hiking. We stopped at the Guest House for lunch where all had nice unforgettable moments sharing success stories from attended women.

Sing for a Cause, sing to Educate - June 19, 2021

On June 19, 2021, VVIP Women In Power gathered its Boards, members, and guests, on the occasion of Music Day, in Le Cerf Volant beach in Okaibeh. An education project was launched “Sing to educate”, singing for a cause to get fundraising for a project to rehabilitate and reinforce the students’ level to be prepared for the next 3 years to their school studies. The President launched and sang her new song “Ya Hal Rih”https://youtu.be/1XKmAOdAzt8?feature=shared lyrics by Melhem Jureidini, and music composed & distributed by Wissam El Hajj.
In addition, a new song “Mesh Sodfi”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtERRm6VOn4 was launched in December 2022 (lyrics, composition, and distribution by Wissam El Hajj)

Stay safe & healthy outdoor gathering - September 23, 2020

VVIP Women In Power organized an outdoor gathering with a limited number of women and it was broadcast live to reach more people. The event was held on Saturday, September 23, 2020 in Qanat Bakiche at SIGN Bar. The president’s message was focused on the good health and the immunity system, whereas Dr. Jocelyne Sassine explained some details about COVID-19 / Corona Virus and how to protect ourselves in our daily life. After then all attendees enjoyed the live 3oud music play and singing by Wissam El Hajj.

Christmas lunch animation for elderly people organized by Amicales des Freres –
Furn-El-chebbak – December 21, 2016 & December 20, 2017 & December 19, 2019

We have animated the Christmas lunches with live animation, songs, poems and dances in the presence of students from “College des Freres”. Every student had the opportunity to dance with an elderly person, everyone sang, and danced happily the atmosphere was great. Gifts were distributed at the end of the party.

Ladies Night April birthdays - April 14, 2019

VVIP Women In Power celebrated April Women’s Birthdays in Symposium Lounge in Sin-El-Fil where all women attendees enjoyed the place, the red carpet photo shooting, the gathering, the dinner, the salsa steps learning by Aram, the music live performance by Wissam El Hajj and his band, and the live singing for a cause by Carole Hobeika.

Women International Week - March 3, 2018

“Learn from Success: Decision-making & Women interaction with politics”
Conference organized by VVIP Women In Power on the occasion of the Women International Week – Saturday, March 3, 2018 3:30 to 5:30pm at Jdeideh Municipality hall.
Under the patronage of His Excellency Jean Oghassabian Minister of State for Women’s Affairs and the President of VVIP Women In Power, attendees from public sectors, local & International NGOs, Judges, Lawyers, Professor, Political & Media representatives, businessmen & business women attended the conference. Many interesting subjects were covered:

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1. Overview of VVIP Women In Power’s subject, mission, and commitment.
2. Women decision-making around the world, success of professional women in Lebanon with 3 success stories.
* Judge Jocelyne Matta
* Pilot Captain Rola Hoteit
* Professor Marlene Gedeon
3. Women interaction with politics in Lebanon.
4. Info on the new law & Women quotas
Visit Radar Scoop Facebook page and check the live recorded conference.

Women International Day “Women at the Forefront” - March 9, 2019

VVIP Women In Power in co-operation with BPW Lebanon organized a conference in Municipality of Jdeideh theater venue, where women and men from the community shared the experiences, challenges and success stories of the professionals:

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– Captain Minerva Haddad, Pilot and member of Aeroclub of Lebanon
– Ghada Eid, Media and TV presenter
– Salma Minaise Raffoul, Poet with special needs
– Jebran Farah, President of Abnaa El Nour Center
– Dalia Freifer, Media with special needs, Ambassador of Hope
MEN and WOMEN must have the same opportunity in life. Think equal, build smart, and balance for better world.
Other subjects were raised such as the Equal Pay project, and women in the Lebanese Economic.
A special thanks to the artist singer and music producer Wissam ElHajj who played live music while Dalia Freifer sang with her nice voice.
Thank you BBAC for sponsoring the event.

Christmas animation party for Baytouna Al-Jadid – Charitable organization for disabled people in Daraya / December 17, 2016

Sharing the Christmas moment, singing Christmas Carols, dancing, playing with a disabled person is an unforgettable moment. Orthocenter students attended the event and presented gifts for them.

VVIP Seminar – “Happiness towards Success”– March 5, 2016 / Women International Day

On the occasion of Women International’s Day, Women In Power organized its first Education Event on March 5, 2016 at Symposium Center.
Many Professionals attended the Seminar, enjoyed the network and meeting Rachel Karam, the TV News reporter, University Lecturer, host of Radio “Ekna3ni” on Jaras Scoop who shared her experiences and talked about her Success Story.

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All attendees were very active during the Seminar, and liked the Great Topic “Happiness towards Success” (source of happiness/meet your happiness chemicals/transforming habits) prepared by Marcel Borgi, a Certified Life Coach, the author of the book “The Power of the Unseen”. At the end, “Certificates of Participation” and “The Power of the Unseen” book were handed to all participants.

“Your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself & others, will determine how successful you are in life.”

Christmas Children Animation for St. Charles school – December 16, 2015
In the collaboration of Lebanese Food Bank, Radisson Blu Hotel has offered Christmas Lunch for the children of St.Charles School, and Carole Hobeika, the President of Women In Power, animated the children party on December 16, 2015 in the school in Achrafieh. More than 90 children enjoyed singing Christmas Carols, playing competitive games, and dancing in the presence of Radisson Blu General Manager Mr. Costa Kourotsidis and management’s staff, Lebanese Food Bank Staff and both sisters Josephine Haddad and Rita El Khoury of St. Charles School.

Elderly Visit – November 14, 2015

Women In Power Board Members have organized a gathering for 100 Elderly people invited by Mrs. Graziella Rami at the Amicale Des Freres, Furn-El-Chebbak on October 18, 2015.

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Carole Hobeika highlighted the benefits of singing, and dancing activities, and animated the event. All the Elderly people have participated, and lots have exceled in singing, others in dancing and playing musical drum. Cookies and juice were offered to all presents. It was so touching and we all spent unforgettable valuable moments.

Donate Hair to Change Lives – September 18, 2015

Hair donation was held on September 18, 2015 at Nicolas & Jano Bekhazi Saloon in Achrafieh, where almost 25 women, children one man had their hair cut for free by the famous hairdresser Nicolas Bekhazi.
Donated hair was delivered to Children Cancer’s Center of Lebanon (CCL)

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https://cccl.org.lb/News-Events/24/Year/2015/Screen/1 on September 23, 2015 in Hamra by Carole Hobeika, Patricia Noujaim, and Vera Karam, who did a wonderful animation for children with Cancer.
VVIP Women In Power thank CCCL for offering the chance to help them in trying to return a sense of self confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss.
VVIP Women In Power thank all the persons who donated their hair: Nour Ramadan, Roula Ramadan, Marona Nammour, Stephanie Choucair, Maya Kibrit, Rachelle Fahed, Chamoun Ibrahim (Man), Hala Chadad, Tassenem Moatassim, Nahida Darghouth, Tania Kattar, Susan Azar, Karen Azar, Cynthia Fahed, Joya Fahed, Eleya Youssef, Rita Azar, Rita Abou Rjeily, Marilou Abi Assal.

Zumba Gathering – September 12, 2015

“It’s me time” – Women In Power had invited Women into business to a Zumba Gathering, outdoor on the grass in Solemar, where all the women enjoyed the connection, the weather, the sport dance activity delivered by the certified professional trainer” Mirella Aoun”. A talk show about Zumba history was conducted by Carole and Mirella with an interaction with all the participants. At the end of the gathering, all the guests had a nice open buffet dinner and a nice time.

VVIP Presentation – May 30, 2015

A gathering of Businesswomen was held in Symposium Lounge in Sin-El-Fil on May 30, 2015 where Carole Hobeika conducted a presentation on Women In Power’s initiatives, “who we are, what we do, why we are, the aim, and the values. Women In Power to Power Women”.

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All the participants, from private sectors, ministry of finance, legal advisors, Entrepreneurs, and Financial Institutions enjoyed the presentation, the Symposium lounge, and the connection. At the end there was a raffle of business cards, and 19 women got prizes.
Women In Power thank all the sponsors offering the gifts:
Carera Wedding for a “Limousine by night”/Optikos for a “Guess Sun Glasses” and 16 coupons of 50%/GoodLife Fitness for “8 free monthly membership”/Damour Country Club for a “couple access & open barbecue lunch”/El Ranchovoucher/Gipsy Music Instruments for 3 months Guitar free lessons/So7i wsari3 for “2 free fat tests and 1 cooking book”/Bronze Chocolat Verdun for a “delicious chocolate box”

Women Challenge in Aviation – January 12, 2019

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